Do’s and Dont’s of Winter Running

The Do’s and Dont’s of Winter Running


1. Dress in layers. Use light weight wicking fibers as the layer closest to your body. Any combination of long sleeve warm under layers, a fleece vest, jacket with insulation (but not too heavy), and arm warmers.

2. Do wear socks made of synthetic fibers that wick moisture away from your skin to help prevent blisters and athlete\’s foot.

3. Wear a hat and gloves! Remember that your head may be responsible for about 40% of heat loss. Keep your head covered and wear gloves.

4. Apply skin protection using sun block and moisturizers as appropriate. UV exposure is not good in the winter as well as summer.

5. Warm up slowly and gently before your runs and especially before doing speed work.



1. Don’t forget to replace your fluids on long runs. Even though you might not think you are thirsty, continue to drink on your runs to rehydrate.

2. Don’t run on ice. Beware of Black Ice on the pavement.

3. Don’t run in the dark without a headlamp and high visibility clothing.

4. Don’t run in low light conditions or proceed with caution, both because of road traffic, uneven pavement and also be aware of increased balance problems.

5. Don’t do speedwork in bone chilling cold. You are risking injury. Most wise runners use this season for maintenance runs.


My top picks for WINTER RUNNING products:

Winter Running Shoes: New Balance

Headlamp: Biolite 330 – lightweight, rechargeable, very bright, plenty of lumens!! 330 lumens! Perfect for running and hiking in the dark!

Microspikes: Kahtoola Microspike System – lightweight and snug on your shoes so that they keep you safe in the really rugged icy conditions.

Winter Tights: CWX compression tights, insulator type is the best for skiing, but they are great for running too!

Winter Buff: Phunkshun – my favorite buffs made from recycled bottles and have many styles and types to meet your need in the cold, and very cold weather ! Check out the fun prints in ultra light and even the fleece lined for the super cold days!

Winter Socks: Darn Tough made in Vermont. Durable, lifetime guarantee, warm, comfortable, great fit, and they \”hug\” your feet!

Arm Warmers

High Visibility Clothing: Brooks has always had the largest selection of running gear with reflective properties at a reasonable price.

Thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment or any question below! Happy Winter Running!


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