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Putting together my story for a national website promotion of the American Cancer Society DetermiNation program at


MORE magazine, for its Website (, is interested in producing a slideshow of female DetermiNation athletes over 40 years of age. The photos — one of each athlete, and preferably during competition — would be accompanied by a brief synopsis of their stories as to why they compete for the DetermiNation team. As well, the slideshow would be accompanied by a brief bit of context about our new collaboration with CGI and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.

As I look through the photos from the Marine Corps marathon it shows the determination & endurance it takes to train and then run for 26.2 miles…. Although this was my 22nd marathon, in my 40’s I feel stronger, smarter and more dedicated …  My times are faster, my results are better and my appreciation for good health has become my focus now that I am in a place in life where I am happy, fullfilled and loved.

In one year I will have run 3 marathons and signed up as a DetermiNation runner to raise the much needed funds in the fight against cancer through the American Cancer Society.   (Please note all fundraising dollars are net dollars.  Travel and registration costs & fees are my own responsibility).

Vermont City, May 2009 = raised more than $1100
Marine Corps Marathon, November 2009 – raised more than $1000
Boston Marathon – upcoming – April 2010 – currently raised $710
Total raised more than $2800 —

All of these marathons in honor of my dear friend and volunteer leader from American Airlines, Mary Beth Reddell — as she continues to fight, I will continue my quest to run marathons and raise money for an organization that I truly believe in the mission.  Creating more birthdays, celebrating life, remembering and fighting back against  this disease are just a few of the taglines that pop into my mind as I train each morning — building up the miles and this time for the grand daddy of them all — the Boston Marathon.  Below are some links of interest sharing my results from Vermont City in May, Marine Corps in November and also some information on my story about fightning cancer through DetermiNation – the American Cancer Society’s charity runner program. 

The program is such a perfect fit for runners like myself — sign up, make a committment to run and raise money by sharing your story of why you want to fight cancer…..  the online fundraising function is user friendly, the Boundless Fundraising tool on Facebook has been a great help and reminder for a soft outreach and the Training Peaks program has truly kept me on track with daily tips and reminders of the miles to run.  I recommend the program to anyone that wants to run a marathon, 1/2 marathon or event that DetermiNation is connected with nationwide.  Now with the Rock n Roll partnership where ACS will be highlighted – more people will become aware of the program and feel even more accomplishment when they cross that finish line — to make a difference, create a world with more birthdays, and as I celebrate another birthday in June — I will again be training, getting stronger and fighting cancer so that others may survive this terrible disease.

Story links of interest:

My Charity Runner Story – from my first ACS Charity Marathon Spring 2009
Article about me in the Republican before MCM – Fall 2009
Marine Corps Marathon results – first in age, 50th woman
Vermont City Marathon results – 4th in age, 21st woman

Please consider a donation today — help the American Cancer Society create a world with more birthdays…..  Link here to my personal fundraising site to make a donation today. 
Celebrate life, honor a cancer survivor or donate in memory …  
We all have been touched in so many ways.  

I run and dedicate my fight to: 

Susan – My best friend from my days in Boulder, CO.  She lives with this disease and is one of the strongest women I know. 

Phylecia – A true leader in the Society  & Dick her husband — both amazing leaders and friends!

Chester — my first yellow lab that fought this disease and gave me so many days of love and devotion.   13 1/2 years he was always by my side through thick and thin.  Oakley is doing a great job of living that legacy of my sweet yellow lab.  🙂 

Mary Beth – a volunteer leader in the NCTP – the strength of this woman amazes me… and her smile and energy light up the room.  I read her stories and experiences and it fuels me more and more!

Diana Love – One of my original volunteers that did EVERYTHING for EVERYONE and every organization.  The most amazing community leader  that gave me my start as a staff person in the Society.  Her memory will live on forever in my heart and in the hearts of everyone in NH and Sullivan County.  

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