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Today i was assigned CP – our children’s program, the day began with greeting the children at the door. Instructions by veteran CP dweller type instructors were:
1. Always exude calmness, even when not calm.
2. Do not pass the green doors into the swarm of parents and do not make eye contact with the parents for fear you will be engulfed in conversation about their child.
3. Move quickly through the process to the nametagging, booting, ski fit and placement in order to avoid bottle neck of children.
4. Stay happy, friendly and upbeat with a big smile at ALL TIMES!

The flow was quick with the children moving from sign up to boots, skis and then assignments. I was deemed the RED leader. RED definition is never skied or barely skied. The first step in RED is to go to the JUNGLE where they play in their boots and skis to figure out what is what on the ground before hitting the carpet ride…. then to the carpet – – I was actually the “rope lady” where anyone that could make a wedge or “snow plow” headed my way. I gave the rope demo and then got them to the top – – I had some great kids flying down my little slope and kept them all moving up and down. Once they could turn both ways around our little cones, control their speed and stop they were off to the more advanced group YELLOW with my buddy Jeff.

My favorites students of the day were Natalie the blue fence jumper,who finally was able to control her speed after Louise (instructor) gave her the “magic candy bar) Michael, spikey head who kept avoiding me at the rope and Robert who definitely will be back but in yellow tomorrow – posing for dad at the end of class!

2 more days on snow for me – and if I didn’t know it before…. private lessons is definitely LIGHT DUTY! One more day of CP and back to privates for my end of week 8 day straight canted in my ski boots – my legs are ready to run again! Thank God for these sunny days and snow covered trails!!!

(photo above is Alicia and I in front of the Learning Center with the Sunapee Lodge and Mountain Explorer fencing in the background)

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