Choosing the Perfect Blog Name: Mountain of Dreams

This is spin on the Daily Post Blog interviewing random cool bloggers about the name of their blogs. So today I will share the inspiration that lead me to my blog name.


The year 2005 was big for me, I was going through a lot of changes in my life. I got excited about blogging from my friend Shelley, an American Cancer Society volunteer / photographer / blogger. She was quite the techy one and I loved following her! I decided to give it a shot instead of sending out bulk emails sharing my race stories, I would share the story on my blog and send out a link. Blogging was quite new back then and I kept my blog sharing only to my friends. It was exciting to see how inspiring I could be to people that didn\’t even know me. I loved it! When my photography skills were developed this was a great way to showcase my favorite photos. It is amazing how photos themselves share the story and the feeling with your readers


My love for the mountains has been life long, hiking as a child, learning to ski at age six and now with more than 30 experience in the ski industry – sharing the love of the mountains makes me very happy. Dreaming is a form of visualization, although mostly in sleep state, I find myself day dreaming- setting goals in all aspects of life and then putting behind it that purposeful drive to achieve those goals. SO there you have it — \”Mountain of Dreams\” — it includes all that I would write about because there is the potential to dream about everything, especially those things that make me happy!  My prior blog \”Mountain of Dreams\” on Blogspot has many posts about running, family, photography, skiing, recipe sharing and more. This is a new blog for me and hoping to make it the new and improved version!  I loved the name so much I kept it here and hope to register it too!

Do you love to write and want to share your stories? If you have a blog what is the meaning behind your blog?

Let\’s get blogging – it\’s a great way to share your love of life!


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