Chicago Marathon Results Rock!

The Chicago marathon was truly a race for to remember – – Traveling with the family (Jess, Schuyler and Mario) we stayed at the Embassy Suites downtown… I spent a couple days shopping and touring Chicago with my friend Judy and family dinner with John Klika and friends the night before. The prep was perfect as was the training regime that put me in the mindset to shoot for my goal of 3:15. Judy and I wandered the expo part of the time with Beth and her husband Matt, what fun – – a shopping spree of athletic gear. I went to sign up for a pace group to find out I missed the deadline for a preferred start and lost a little of the hope that I would make my goal, knowing I would have to weave around the masses to get to the front where the faster runners would be… and the guy with the 3:10 pace sign would be running.
Judy and I pushed and weaved, holding onto eachother’s shirt after dropping off the warm gear for post race and hitting the port o let – truly all in marathon style, but the masses were crazy, spectators and runners a like.. milling around the puddles from the brief rain that morning. The temps were in the 30’s and Judy feared snow. : )
We made it pretty close to the front of the Open corral and as the gun went off we watched the clock to see we only had 7 min to get to the start line… and we were off. I ran and kept my pace with this little band of times to keep on the 3;10 pace throughout the race. It was pretty cold – – the wind was blowing…. the people were fast and slow, I found a few to tag on to and then weaved mostly to the left side. I felt great – – hitting the mark each mile, not to fast, not too slow, just an even pace….
My friends all thought it was hilarious that I chose to wear the pink power ranger costume that my sister Laura made me for Halloween (and Schuyler’s birthday party) – – it was made of lycra and pretty warm with the long sleeves and the skirt… my capri black tights finished the outfit. (See pictures below…) It was very encouraging when the people yelled and cheered for me – “pink lady” – “cinderella” and every once in a while a real fan would yell (most of the time they were 5-7 year old boys….) “Mommy – the PINK POWER RANGER”!! It made me smile and truly gave me energy…. I think I should wear a costume every race.
I caught the 3;40 pace group, then the 3:30, the 3:20 and got ahead of that pace group to finish – – it was about 20 mile mark that I felt tired and a little worn out – – but I kept thinking about the positive self talk article I read in Triathlete mag on the plane – – and kept going to the finish – – realizing my goal of 3;15 was in reach – – and then I beat it – the goal my friend John pushed me to set, setting my new PR “personal record” of more than 6 min (and 13 years ago 3:21) – – with these nasty conditions, head winds and crowds that added a few miles I am sure…. Whoo hoo! I did it! What a great race to end my season… but maybe a duathlon next weekend?? I am addicted!
Boston here I come!
My stats and pictures below:
Field of 34,698 people of which there were 14,800 women.


Chip Time: 3:14:38
Clock: 3:21:14
Pace: 7:25

Overall: 2161
Gender: 263
Division: 35

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