Chicago Goals!

This year I was involved with a running group that likes to pick three times, one really aggressive goal, one realistic goal, and one goal that you should be able to beat even if you have to do it on one leg. I thought this was really cool to do and hope you will join in on the goal setting for our upcoming RACE of the season!

Here are my goals:
“The planets are aligned and the gods are smiling” time: 3:15
“Considering averages, moods, tendency to want to slow in the 1/2 half – this would still be a great time: 3:20
“It’s just not the day to hit my PR …. ” : 3:30

I know my goals are high this year and I feel like I should have one more goal and that would be to qualify for the “grand daddy” of them all” Boston …. which for me is a 3:45.

I feel great today and my training has been right on. Here’s hoping for some great weather (no snow – warmer than 47 degrees and no wind)…. and yes, I may be wearing that pink power ranger costume just to stay out of the box and not get to serious about myself….

And good luck to Colleen in San Francisco – who will be doing her first marathon ever at the Nike Woman’s Marathon! : )

Reply and let me know how you are doing and those of you going to be in Chicago (see you there) – or if you want to follow on the web my bib number is: 15636

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