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Recruit! Train. Fundraise! Be Proud. Where do your runners want to run? Who are the charities that need your support? What are the benefits for your runners in being a part of the team?
Navy SEAL Foundation Marathon Team 2021

Why Charity Runner?

After graduating from college, for the more than 30 years, I have been working as a non-profit professional and at the same time racing and training in a variety of endurance sports.. My experience in fundraising, training and in coaching and training is an amazing combination to offer my new program called “Charity Runner”  Whether you are a non-profit looking to raise the needed funds to support your mission, or a corporation looking to promote physical fitness and support a worthy cause, this program is for you. My experience to assist you in the planning, marketing, and implementation of a charity runner program could be a great fit for you! 

How does it work?

The Why: Simple effective engagement of the athletic audience with the dream to run a top notch marathon and support their chosen charity.
The Solution: Experienced marathon runner, fundraiser, coach and charity manager leveraging resources to support your charity.
The Package: Customized to meet your needs to raise the much needed funds to support your charity through communication planning and peer to peer fundraising.

Choose a Package

Choose a package to meet your needs.

Choose from a variety of services that you may need as a nonprofit or corporation.

  •  Runner Recruitment  – Data mining to reach the audience to fuel your team.
  • Fundraising – Providing opportunities for fundraising ideas, motivation to help reach minimums.
  • Coaching – Providing opportunities for fundraising ideas, motivation to help reach minimums set.

Visualize the Solution

A multi layer program to support your Charity Marathon Runners.


Peer to peer fundraising for passionate fitness athletes looking for a class act marathon program to support a cause that they care about.

The Steps

Through the program we are here to help you apply and plan with tools & resources. 

Official Charity Requests
Official charity applications for Boston, NYC and Hartford require a letter of intent, 501c3 verification of non-profit status. Know the mission of the organization you want to support and have all of that prepared and ready.

Marketing Plan Development
Each organization needs a point of contact and admin support to reach their audience for outreach and involvement.  The official social media and email campaign will be direct from the organization. This includes targeting sponsors, recruiting volunteers and runners. 

Communication Strategy
Communication to the runners, volunteers and potential sponsors is key for success.  Partnering with you to ensure you have a plan ready to go for success.

Funds are needed to support this effort.  From singlets for your team mates, T-shirts for volunteers and promotional materials and additional volunteers will all need to be accounted for in prep for this program to be a success first time out and in the future.  


Experience is key

Your success will be based on your supporters and how they would like to support your organization.  If you are a corporation it is important that you chose a charity that the employee base cares about making an impact to support.  My experience as a charity manager and a charity runner, alongside my history of running marathons, ultra distance and mountain runs and Ironman triathlons will be a bonus to answering questions and support with additional coaching. 

I encourage you to reach out and schedule a time to talk with me about your charity, or your corporation and how I might help you make an impact through charity running!  

Academy of General Dentistry - Team AGD!

Here we go! Race Ready!  I am working with the President of the Massachusetts Academy of General Dentistry to put together the first Team AGD at the Hartford Marathon on October 8, 2022 as an Official Charity!   See below how you can get involved as a runner or volunteer today!

Where: Hartford Marathon, Half Marathon, 5k

  • When: Saturday, October 8, 2022
  • Official Charity: Academy of General Dentistry Foundation 
  • Cause:  Early detection of oral cancer through dentistry
  • Goal #1: Recruit 20 volunteers
  • Goal: 5 plus runners to raise $200 each
  •  This is a first time effort in a charge lead by Massachusetts Academy of General Dentistry President, Sarita Patel. Raising money for the professional organization foundation that supports the work of general dentistry across the country is truly an important and worthy cause.  We are in need of volunteers and runners!  Please join us! 
  • Click here to sign up and volunteer
  • Click here to join Team AGD as a runner! 

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Navy SEAL Foundation Marathon Team 2021
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