Navy SEAL Foundation Marathon Team 2021

Charity Runner

Recruit! Train.
Fundraise! Be Proud.
Where do your runners want to run?
Who are the charities that need your support?
What are the benefits for your runners in being a part of the team?

2009 Race to the Top of Vermont – 3rd woman!

7 days until I run my 8th Mt Washington Road Race! I thought it would be fun to re-live some memories of mountain racing that I have captured in past blog posts. This is a repost of my experience from August 2009 from the Race to the Top of Vermont, a race up Mt Mansfield in Stowe, Vermont!

2018 Running Report Taking it to the trails & the hills!

Incredibly proud of an amazing season with an amazing team. It is this team of women that inspire me to keep pushing to be the best I can be! Running may be an individual sport but it is the camaraderie of the runners that come to the races each week and weekend that make it fun and worth every bit of training! Looking forward to new goals for the new year!

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