My friend Carol from Cincinati, Ohio (photo taken in Dallas at the National Relay Summit last August) – – I saw this photo and needing a photo of the day – this smile made me smile, so I thought I should post and write a little bit about Carol. Funny thing about Carol was that the day we met she blew me off. Yes sir! Forgot all about me – stranded awaiting her warm car at the airport when I flew in to present at the Ohio Summit and meet with her that day. I waundered, waiting, and finally called her – left a message and then caught a cab to the hotel.

Well – she was horrified – a brand new staffer to the Ohio division she felt REALLY bad. It really was no big deal (nobody ever picks me up anyway… I always take cabs). She met me at the restaurant with this big group of “Relayers” that I knew from years past… it was a fun night with that group and Carol was able to join us – again – feeling so bad. I still (jokingly) give her a hard time for blowing me off at the airport! : )

We spent the next day meeting and preparing and “hanging” out – our friendship was immediate, we were a lot alike (she worked 10 years with the Red Cross – where I had spent 2 years) and she had such great energy and enthusiasm for her new position with the ACS – I love people like that! It was a great weekend, working on stuff together. The beginning of a good friendship. She has been so supportive to me this year with all the corporations and trainings, always the first to volunteer and lend a hand. I truly value her as a colleague too! Definitely a top ten and a keeper for a friend! One of those “girlfriends” you can tell anything. Cheers to my friend Carol!

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Nancy Peck Cook is a trainer and speaker who has presented in front of large and small audiences for the past 25 years.  Her work as an executive and volunteer trainer for the American Cancer Society during the growth of the signature activity Relay For Life trained professionals to be more confident and successful in their roles. 

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