Cancer Humor?

Today I searched around for some related “cancer” humor and inspiration — there is a ton of it.  Some tasteful and actually funny and most of it NOT.  Or at least in my opinion.  I am sharing the good stuff in this post.  If you see anything out there that is worth sharing for humor or quotes or inspiration – please comment below! Cute eh?

I found a lot of great stuff on this weblink: 
The Cancer Club — gifts and inspiration to those living with cancer.

A Quote from Robert H. Schuller
“Laughter solves alot of problems because it gives you a more positive outlook. Change your outlook and you will change your life.”
— Robert H. Schuller

A Quote from Arnold Palmer

“I get the feeling people say, ‘Well, you’ve had cancer and that it’s over’.

Hell, it’s not all over.

I have no intention of lying down and stopping. I’m going to do something.”

— Arnold Palmer

Once you’ve had chemotherapy, there’s no such thing as a bad-hair day.

Elizabeth Tilberis

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