Grackles, Bunnies, Road Runners & Seagulls

The last of my collection of animal photos from our honeymoon in Cali and Phoenix.
Grackles – from the ninth hole green breakfast spot at the Phoenician. The waitress had all the sugar bowls weighted down to stop their thievery. Although the males are gorgeous in color and I love this photos – they are like the pidgeon, a scavenger for food at our table and squawk real loud!

We also saw road runners and this other species (maybe a quail?) that were hanging out with the rabbits on the golf course. Tons of animals just running around as we were the last on the course, but the bunnies were real comfortable just stretched out enjoying watching us play the game. very cute.

The bottom photo is one of my faves from Carlsbad where you can see the ocean behind where the bird sat to watch the pelicans dive.

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