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Yes – I am still on a cloud thinking about the marathon. It was a crazy recovery after a week of skiing and dealing with dehydration. I think I lost 5 pounds and got down to 136 last week. I have not been sleeping real well lately and that has some to do with my recovery as well. All the travel messes with my legs and my back. I have cut down on some of the running, but am getting ready to race the Big Lake 1/2 marathon in Alton and hope to pick up the boat then too. Time to get in gear for triathlons too – I have not registered yet for a prep for Portland, but I have paid for Portland and feel great about my fitness. –>Top 100 Women finishers of Boston (#73!!)

KUDOS from friends:

From the NE DIV RFL Task force chair and fellow runner:
You have now moved way past wicked cool on my list into hero status.
Great job yesterday – you would have beaten me by about an hour!
Can’t wait to hear about it.
Hope to see you soon. Jim

Congrats, congrats, congrats…what a terrific accomplishment!!!!!!
Now… how about skiing some bumps in Colorado….
Jana sent me the news.
Way to go girl!…we often speak about you in ski school and all the fun we
had skiing together and “selling lessons” on Bachelor ski run underneath the
chair lift. — Nelson
Nelson Diaz, President and CEO, InPhase Technologies

Congratulations Nancy!
The pride we all feel for you must be nothing compared to the pride you have for yourself. You are truly an inspiration. Maria, Steve, Quinn & Cole

Now I feel great about my chances in the Boston Marathon after Nathan, David, and I ran your but off the road in Vermont last winter! I bet I could have won the damn race this year! Well, perhaps I better start training again before I try to race that Kenyan. Dr BOB

Hey – congrats to you! Almost called you after the race yesterday but figured you needed to rest and relax. It was fun tracking you online- was impressed with your consistent pace. Glad you made your goal. Great job! – – Bob MacKay

Brooke kept us posted on your progress all day yesterday on the message board!
I’m so proud of you! That’s is incredible that you made your goal! Flaunt it girl! YOU ROCK!!! Hugs, Kara 🙂

You’re a real badass, Nancy. I can’t believe you made your goal time in that weather. I guess you would have set a World Record if the conditions had been sane. I shared the news with Chris Loope (my friend in Atlanta) and he said “Wow – way to go Nancy!” Bret

Well, by now you have been basking in tremendous glory…well deserved, and how fun that you are setting out on your sojourn around the USA with that victory under your belt and all the bragging rights that go with that! I’ll bet everyone in KC will be buying you beers, or red wines as the case may be, and feeling GREAT to know you and what you have accomplished. Yay, Nancy!!! I’m proud just to KNOW you!! Without wind and rain I’m knocking off 10 minutes of your time and you are UNDER 3 hours!! ( I have such expertise, you know). DG

YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Congratulations, you are my new hero!!! I am so impressed with your run and so happy to be included in the loop to hear about it. I’m sending it on to John Durkee, Zubie, and Cheryl. Way to go,
Kim Kline-Williamson (CSC ’85)

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