Boston Marathon – news from the Globe & the Republican (local paper)

We bought the Boston Globe on the way out of town with this incredible coverage of the marathon. Finally I had a few moments to look at the great pics and the print – so I scanned to post on the blog.

The Hoyts – this father / son team that I see in many of the races (marathons and triathlons) that I compete in the New England area are featured right near my results and I am thrilled to have them and a post to their story here on my blog. They are truly an inspiration and really amazing people to see in action.

The goal of Team Hoyt is to integrate the physically challenged into everyday life. One way to accomplish this is to educate the able-bodied, making them more aware of the issues that the disabled face every day. Another is by actively helping the disabled to participate in activities that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. Team Hoyt targets both of these areas.

The other cool thing about this post is that last year I was #1 in the “Upper Valley” and this year #1 in the “Happy Valley”. Pretty neat to share this newspaper article sent to us in the mail. Great feel good stuff!

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