Black & White Wednesday: The Sugar Bowl

On our recent trip to Boston we had the opportunity to venture to South Boston where we stayed at the Doubletree on the Bay.  It was nice to get some photos of the streets of Boston and in the morning we went to the Bay for some more photography.  Although I wasn’t feeling very well, and the weather was quite gloomy I was able to get some good photos.  My favorites were of the “Sugar Bowl”.  We were on a quest for ice cream for dessert after dinner at the Boston Beer Garden.  “Sarah” our GPS (we named her Sarah after the talking “house” on the Scy Fy TV series Eureka) gave us directions for Brighams…. and we headed into Dorcester, the streets were dark, except for a light on the corner showing us the Sugar Bowl — which Samantha recognized and we decided to stop.  The welcoming atmosphere and old time bakery / cafe feeling was something like you would see in the North End in Boston.  I loved the lighting on the sign and decided to take out my camera.  The interior cafe tables and old black & white photos depicting life in the 1700’s hung in the corner of the cafe.  There was a big room with cushy chairs and free wifi in the back.  What a sweet place.  The Brigham’s ice cream was fabulous and worth the stop!  We were fortunate to meet the owner (Bob) and his son who was playing with his stuffed bunny in the store (so cute!).  I took a group photo of the 2 of them with the cafe girls.  He thought I was from the Boston Globe and would make him famous.  Maybe I should send something in freelance! You have to love the warmth of the Irish! 🙂  IN the meantime it is fun to feature this experience on my blog.

Hope you like the photos and if you are ever in South Boston, the Sugar Bowl is a great place to stop for a little treat!  Please leave a comment if you stop by!

I loved his sign in both black and white and color — there is a sepia tone to this photo — and in the moonlight it was just beautiful.  Hope you enjoyed my selections for the week.  For more great black and white photos  — go to black and white Wednesday by clicking the link below.

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