Black & White Wednesday: Sugarland Concert & the LOVE Flag

Happiness is being with friends, listening to some amazing music and a lot of “firsts” for our eight year old Schuyer — first time to Coopertown, NY and first time at a “real” concert!

We were so excited to be able to go to a Sugarland Concert this past weekend in Cooperstown with our dear friends Alex & Betty Ma.  Their son Harrison & Schuyler are good friends and have a great time together.  It was Alex’s 1/2 sister Winnie who gave us the VIP treatment with early entry to the concert, tickets and the best positioning where we sat RIGHT at the stage.  As the masses filled in we had to stand up on the lawn… and the music began.  It was amazing!  I don’t know if I have ever been front and center at a concert.  It was Schuyler’s first ever concert (besides the Wiggles!) and he was having a blast – although he got real tired near the end from standing for 2 1/2 hours.  The opening band was pretty good, but the 2nd band was “Little Big Town” and they rocked!  It was so fun to watch the energy in the country music and a line up of such great talent.

I took some fun shots of the boys jumping in front of their trailer that carries all their gear.  The boys were replicating Jennifer & Kristian from the photo on the side.  Check these photos out!  🙂


 It was more like rock than country…  but truly a great sound and a GREAT band!  Jennifer – the lead singer is so full of life and energy, it was so much more than the CD that I bought — we were all so truly impressed and had a blast!  We have been singing the songs non-stop since we left.  🙂

Near the end of the show up on stage Jennifer paints a white sheet flag with the word love while they sing.  Harrison and Schuyler were all set up by Winnie to meet her at the stage and carry the flag through the crowd.  There were about 5000 people there (or more) and it was a crazy, but proud and exciting moment for the boys.  Betty followed them and stayed with them and I tried like crazy with Winnie’s little camera to get some photos with not much luck.   They wouldn’t allow my camera (because of the removable lens?) in the concert so I borrowed Winnie’s camera.  (I haven’t got the photos from her, but I can’t wait because i did get some great shots!)

SO here is a photo of Harrison & Schuyler with the flag and some fun shots of Harrison carrying the flag around the yard for my B&W Weds post!  Enjoy.  AND please leave a comment if you stop by…

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