Black & White Wednesday – I love animals!

My best subjects are animals.  You can usually entice them with a treat or a blade of grass.  If you make clicking sounds with your voice the horses ears perk up and they come over to say hi.  Owners don’t like you to feed their horses without them being there as they could accidentally nip you and some owners have even been taken to court because of that and now post signs on their fences.  Our neighborhood has a horse farm on every corner and they are such beautiful animals to photograph – I try to get out there and get them at their best!  I had a horse as a young girl in Junior High and High School.  His name was Rabz Galaxy, a half registered Arabian Quarter horse that we rescued from being sent to the glue factory.  He was very rambunctious and threw me many times, but I loved that horse with all my heart.  My friend Joanne and I would ride for houses playing Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys —- adventures in the fields in Vermont.  I remember them well.  

Here below is a nice photo of our beautiful 9 year old registered AKC yellow lab Toryfield’s Master Oakley
He is used to his picture taken and a few chosen words will get his beautiful boxy head to appear. I just love that dog — my faithful running partner EVERY morning!

Lakota you have seen me photograph before in posts, she is a young horse and lives at the bottom of our driveway.  She is the baby – her sister Shadow is all black with white “boots” — Lakota is more apt to pose for me and come to the fence.  I love the one of her running around in her small pen — she has so much energy and strength.  I truly love these horses!

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