The Bermuda Open, Duck Tape Derby & Sink or Skin! Weekend at Mt. Snow

We skied this weekend and it was Steve’s banquet with the Alpine Program to celebrate the end of the year. I took photos in the 16 degree weather and was “shaking cold to the bone” – but I kept out there waiting for that perfect photo…. well I got a few and am narrowing it down to my favorite 5. I shared the set with the families and coaches and narrowed the 600 to a 500 slide slide show the night of the banquet and then down to 160 for the Kodak faves…. now to my last few to share here on the blog – they are just so great! : ) But it took ALL day, and it was wonderful to be there and watch these incredibly talented kids hit the pro jump and get back into perfect form….

The Bermuda Open – the season finale – open to other mountains such as Killington, Magic and Stratton kids were there along with the Mt. Snow Academy kids and our own Mt. Snow Training Center kids. It was a chilly day, but so much fun! The next day was the “Duck Tape Derby” that brought in droves of “competitors” with their cardboard sleds. And the “Sink or Skin” contest where they had to try and make it across the man made pond. The commentators were so funny (one was the head ski patrol guy – who I have met in the staff training early in the year). They did a great job making everyone laugh and encouraging the folks across the pond. Only 3 made it (Batman, the construction worker and ??) to compete for the season pass giveaway. Very funny day in deed. I will share those photos too!

Such fun to be at the ski area in the spring (especially when the weather is “spring like”). Photos were fun and the memories are full of smiles.

Happy Spring!

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