Navy SEAL Foundation Marathon Team 2021

Charity Runner

Recruit! Train.
Fundraise! Be Proud.
Where do your runners want to run?
Who are the charities that need your support?
What are the benefits for your runners in being a part of the team?

The joys of what ifs

“Our worlds are full of “What ifs?” We need to celebrate the ones that turn out well, the ones that fill our lives with happiness and joy, especially when that joy comes from the moments that cancer survivors brings into our lives.”
– Dr. Len Lichtenfeld

Wachusett Level 1 SkateIA skaters

Stride before you Glide

Have you experienced a time when you want to try something out of your comfort zone? You need to learn strategies in order to be safe, not hurt yourself and better yet — enjoy the sport and perfect those skills?!

Toastmaster Club Social time at Zing Ping Pong

Tweet! Snap! Insta & the Book

All good strategies start with asking the question what do we want to accomplish and how? Social sites like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook give the opportunity to reach thousands of viewers with a simple post.

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