Applefest Half Marathon – 3rd overall woman!

Another gorgeous day in Hollis, NH – my second Applefest — last year placing sixth overall woman, and knowing I could run it faster, we made the 1 hour 40 minute trek to New Hampshire. Schuyler was in the Belchertown Fair parade and spending time with his friends, so Steve & I dropped him off early with Lynne and hit the road.

My training has been right on track and I am feeling fast training for the Marine Corps Marathon. I have put in 3 – 22 milers… but haven’t been racing much except a few mountain runs (which are indeed grueling)… I have dropped some weight with a renewed sense of diet and nutrition for fueling my body as well. So my goals were high…. I figured this could possibly be a PR for me and it really is a good gauge to wear I may be in shape for MCM. My goals were 1:28:00 (I had the pace chart printed and on my wrist from this great site)…. and then to PR would be my second goal: 1:28:47, and then of course hopefully to beat last year’s time of 1:32. See last year’s RESULTS and story.

We made it to the location, got signed in, a very cool high tech long sleeve shirt (that a medium is too large – note to self – unisex shirts need to order a small). I did a little jaunt around the parking lot for a warm up and some quick stretches before this amazing soundtrack of the star spangeled banner. Then a few of my favorite hits that are on my playlist played from the Black Eyed Peas and we were on our way! I love the photos Steve took of me in the beginning and it is pretty cool that the Brightroom Photography folks got that same shot. 🙂

The course was a few different loops (that totally turn me around…. did I tell you that I get lost in a paper bag?) — good thing the water stops were there and they directed me the whole way (thanking that this one was not in the woods!). There were about 3 hills and one in particular at mile 9 that went for a whole mile uphill was tortureous…. but I put my focus face on and pulled it out.

I was 4th for a while in the beginning, then third, finally passing Julia (from NH – winner at Big Lake 09), and then she passed me back with 3-4 miles to go. I ended up 3rd, but most important was that darn clock was ticking so slowly, but surely as I made the last stretch a dead sprint. I missed my PR, and I missed making it under 1:29 — but it was so gratifying being in third place. “Cash is King” — they advertised that 1,2,3 get cash and I was psyched! I recovered quickly, got a brief massage, change of clothes, spoke to the race director to let him know we needed to leave because of Schuyler’s game. Bummed – as I LOVE the celebration at the end of this race. The band rocks…. the people are fun…. the race is sold out every year…. I will get a comp entry again next year, the cash is in the mail and I walked away with this enormous fruit basket full of apples! I was / am ON top of the world with my results!

3rd woman
28th overall of 900 finishers
1/45 – age group F4549
Time: 1:29:01*
6:48 per/mile

I am hopeful in 2 weeks to set my PR in Hartford – another 1/2 marathon, but a much flatter course. I have a seeded number and will be near the start line with nothing to hold me back. I also have a seeded number in DC and again hope to get near my PR, if not have a personal record with a 3:05.

Stay tuned!

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