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Trust the process, believe in yourself, set goals and set your sights high! Follow along on my quest for a couple more American Records!
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I will never forget the day that I set an American record for the marathon on my Concept2 indoor rower on February 6, 2021.  I had rowed 3 million meters that indoor rowing season and had just set personal bests in 5 other events at the virtual Denver Indoor Rowing Championships. I just checked and the record still stands today.
As I got up from the rower after finishing 42,195 meters – I cheered for myself in my basement so proud of this achievement and my strength 💪🏼 I wanted to share it with everyone! I had followed the plan from coach Justin Knust and daily coaching and training from Live2Row Studios has been key to keep me accountable in daily training.
My computer died watching Eric Murray from New Zealand to keep me focused on technique and the last 5000 meters was on my own. I kicked it in seeing that sub three hours was in reach. It wasn’t easy but I pushed like the plan told me to do and I crossed the line. For the marathon I was 10th woman all ages in the world for that season 🌎
Tips for Success:
✅Mentally prepare for the time on the machine. Project how long it will take you to finish and have a plan, even it if it is something simple.
✅Set yourself up for success with a positive mindset and positive self talk. 
✅Prep hydration, fuel and stay hydrated throughout the piece. Don’t go thirsty or hungry.  
✅ Follow the plan and trust the process.  
✅ 🇺🇸 Believe it and achieve it!

Fast Forward to May 2022.  My total for 2020-21 season was 4 million and for 2021-22 was 3.17 million meters. My longest Rowstreak was 392 days!  I have met so many incredible people virtually online in social media in the indoor rowing community.  I realize that the longer rows are my forte and decided to do a 50,000 meter piece! 

It’s amazing how team mates and friends have been made even in our virtual world where we get to know each other. I am thankful and feel truly blessed! My Border Rower team was incredible rowing more than 2.4 million meters since February and I was kicking it in at the end!

Lessons from my 50K
✅ Plan ahead – I had 3 water bottles and fuel ready. A couple Picky Bars that I didn’t eat but I was ready
✅Entertainment is key. I listened to the Workd Rowing U19 European Champs from Italy and upbeat music for the first section to warm up and signed up for 2 Live2Row classes and ended with the championships again for inspiration
✅ Clothes are key. JL Racing shirt and bra kept me comfortable and chafe free
✅ Naps are key. Recovery food water and relaxation planned through the day was in store.
I have not gone this far and it was tough. Marathons are more my style but I wanted to give it a go and so glad I did!
Next up is to focus and go hard for 2 more American Records! My results to date have been so close! I believe I can do it!

My training early in the year is for the 2K, but now it is time to train specifically for the;10,000 meters and the 30 minute time trial. My cardio endurance and strength is in the longer distances. I have “tried” a few times in race settings and on my own. My training plan in the next few months will be with this focus and hopefully I will have some great news to share when I “toe the line” and give it a “go”!

 Concept2 has monthly challenges that you can participate in that I encourage all indoor rowers to take part and challenge themselves. In May it was a marathon and century challenge and every month they vary. Concept2 also recognizes indoor rowers from the logbook entries when you hit each million benchmark. I am currently working on reaching my 9 million lifetime meters and hopefully will get there by the end of June! Set goals, random goals, benchmark goals, personal record goals and each season begins on May 1st so you can work toward season bests too!

What challenges and goals have you set for 2022? Is your training on track? In this next month I will be writing a post about the mental prep that it takes for me to get there and be in the right mindset. Would love to hear about your goals too!

Thanks for stopping by! Please drop any question or a comment below!

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Indoor Rowing Nancy 50,000 meters Concept2
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