Advanced Moguls – PSIA clinic notes

February 8-9,2001 Killington, VT

Nancy Peck

1. Short radius turns – warm up
2. Jump turns completely against the fall line – getting used to changing the edge base
3. Carve the backside of the bump, tipping to peel. In starting the activity, actively lift inside ski to peel.
4. Pole work is very important – thumb and first finger form a V down the hill. At least thumb and 3 fingers in gripping the pole. Pole strap should be tightened not to hang hand low.
5. Open stance downhill with no counter rotation. Do not follow each turn with body. Keep your elbows out of your ribs. Reach out to extend balance. Polygon of sustenance. More room to turn and move. If pole plant is too tight, you have to jump around the pole.
6. Hit the target. Stab the monster’s paw – punch through the backside – follow through forward not falling backward with hand and overall balance.
7. 10 bump goal with turns – 2 bump over variance limit!
8. Get high, jump bump to bump to extend your body if crouched in your stances. No bending at the waist.
9. Stance is closer when in the troughs, but limiting when not.
10. Keep your “buns” high
11. Slow Dog Noodle drill – Falling leaf drill pushing feet forward, edging and pivoting slither like a snake.
12. Partner up – tendon to turn pinky and big toe. Uphill ski edge hold. Push with lower leg motion against partner with motion to turn on edge.
13. Balance on one ski across hill, show base of other ski to top ski and go into a turn.
14. Hop turns synchronized down a steep flat surface – practice timing and control.
15. Clock example – (Frankie) Come in at 10 o

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