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Today went online and checked out the preferred runners for the Boston Marathon, and then went to the USATF site to get the qualifying times for the Olympic Trials… I thought to myself today, feeling so fit that I need a new challenge. IF I can be that fast…. why not push it… The time for qualification? U.S.women = “A” standard of 2:39:00 or the “B” standard of 2:47:00.

I don’t feel I am doing EVERYTHING I can to be where I want to be physically, so there is some room for speed. I think I have it in me, or at least I can try and see how it materializes in Boston. Mentally, I need some help there and I have not had that mindset for a long time. I need a zone, a place to go – – I need to look in my library and re-read Dan Milman. I think I need to pull out those books again…. The Peaceful Warrior, The Warrior Athlete – it is about zen – – zone – – place – mind set. There is so much to that and I haven’t been there in this recent state of competition status (which to me is amazing – – considering my age, yet my experience is proving me to be at a new level….)

Every positive change–every jump to a higher level of energy and awareness–involves a rite of passage. Each time to ascend to a higher rung on the ladder of personal evolution, we must go through a period of discomfort, of initiation. I have never found an exception.”

~ Dan Millman
21st century philosopher
Courage Quotes – Growth

Goals for the upcoming Atlanta Half and Boston Marathon to follow suit from last season I have one really aggressive goal, one realistic goal, and one goal that to beat even if I have to do it on one leg. I thought this was really cool to do shared by my friend and Abby’s dad David.

Here are my goals:
It’s my day! My training and speedwork are paying off… who said early season races are difficult? = 1:29 (this would be a PR for me)
It is supposed to be flatter than NH. Squeeze out a PR perhaps? = 1:31:00
OK – maybe Judy kept me out too late and I had too much red wine and italian food for post race fueling. = 1:35

“The planets are aligned and the gods are smiling” time: 3:05
“Considering averages, moods, tendency to want to slow in the last 5 miles – this would still be a great time: 3:14:19 (and would PR me after my rockin Chicago time)
“It’s just not the day to hit my PR …. ” Hills, fuels, late start time, and early season training in the snow just may not be enough to reach my epic time : 3:25

I know my goals are high this year especially after the year I had in 2006. Personal Records may be hard to come by, but my efforts and spirit are there. So here’s to a great half in Atlanta and marathon in Boston!

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