4th woman at the Cranmore Hill Climb!

It was crazy
I hate thunder and lightning with a passion. Scares me like nothing else… Getting ready for the race I ran up the little hill once and then there was a downpour. Steve & I gathered in the tent with about 20 others and then made a dash to the base lodge to hear when they would start – thinking after the storm blew over… Well they had us start in the middle of this lightning storm. freaked me out – – it cleared by the time we got to the summit on the first loop – – had to run up and down twice… over grass, rocks, side hill, single track (walked a couple sections – just too steep) and the last loop – i missed the last corner following this guy, talking to him about how I was in third place and how she wasn’t going to catch me – then the racers starting yelling to us “hey – hey you’re going the wrong way!” we had to climb back up probably 400 yards or so… such a drag – she had passed us at that time and I filed in right behind her – although it got my competative juices going once I hit the mucky section and twisted an ankle, it was tough to push harder and finished 4th – just out of the money (could’ve won $50). : (

But even if I beat myself up because of my competition soul inside it is all so great!
I love the feeling of accomplishment – and feel I am almost used to the “push” that you need (but not yet).
What keeps me pushing? The knowing I can – be the best for me – if not today, tomorrow, if I keep training and pushing, I will get better inside, and out, and on the trail!

Out of 139 runners I was #52.
Distance: 6.2 miles (all up and down the mountain)

Cranmore Hill Climb – June 29, 2008
North Conway, NH

52 Nancy Cook 76:13 F 44 Belchertown MA
4th woman
2nd in age group (masters)
Here are some more pictures of the race finish when it was safe to get the camera out – (thanks Steve!)

2 more races left to go!

The best news yet is that I just checked the standings for the La Sportiva Mountain Running Circuit and I am the NUMBER ONE woman with overall points – and second place for the best 3 of 4 behind a 30 year old Abby Woods (and only 10 points)! Yippee!!

Check it out!
I am leading by 3 points with overall – – close leader board, how exciting, who knew! : )
I need to kick it in at Loon that is for sure!

Next race is at Loon Mountain – Sunday morning!
Wish me luck!

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