4 days! the adrenaline is flowing!

Sent the big note to friends and family nationwide of my Boston appearance on Monday – so it is worthy of a post to the blog for today!

Hello All-

Hope this note finds you well, training hard and in great shape getting
ready for running season!

I will be running in the Boston Marathon on Monday and wanted to let you
all know my number is #3800 – it will place me in a front coral which
hopefully will help in my overall time! There are no noreaster’s (Boston
07) or extreme heat (Chicago 07) forecasted, but the weather should be
partly cloudy and in the fifties. My training has been consistent and not
over done (“less is more”) – again we shall see how the body feels on

I do the 3 goal option which some don’t always agree with (should there
only be ONE goal??), but as mentally competitive as I am it really keeps me
focused and ok with my final, whatever that may be…

“The planets are aligned and the gods are smiling” time: 3:05:58 (one
second faster than last year) – not sure I am ready to goal the Olympic
Trials this year!

“Considering averages, moods, tendency to want to slow in the last 5 miles
– this would still be a great time: 3:14:19

“It’s just not the day to hit my PR …. ” Hills, fuels, late start time,
and early season training in the snow just may not be enough to reach my
epic time : 3:25

Think of me at 10 am Monday morning – and send me ALL your strength – I
will need it!

And to end – my favorite quote this month……
“The difference between the mile and the marathon is the difference between
burning your fingers with a match and being slowly roasted over hot coals”
– Hal Higdon

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