2017 Running Race Report

2017 Race Results here — better late than never, not a lot of narrative, but some great photos and fun memories!  It was a crazy year because of dropping out of Boston because of my knee (DNS).  I put it together training and kept it light but fun.  My focus was on cross country to finish the year, but had an amazing race at both Mt Washington and Bridge of Flowers.  I love to post race results because they motivate me for the future.  2018 is shaping up to be my year!

\”People need to get to their start line.  You are not fixed by events that happen in your life.  Whatever that start line may be you need to get again, have fun and go out and do it”  – MacKenzie Gray, Boston Marathon 2014

Highlight of the year was my 1st place finish for the New England USTAF Cross Country Series for my age group.  I was dedicated to trail running and showing up strong each event, and not tripping!  All in all 2017 was a good year, shorter runs and not as much mileage, but still some great results and team fun with the Western Mass Distance Project
Mt Washington
Mt Washington Auto Road, NH
June 17, 2017
2nd in age – 1st master team
 177 Nancy E Cook              F5054 1:40:32 13:14   2/45   1:40:43   W52 52 F Belchertown     MA WESTERN MASS. DISTANCE PR
Bridge of Flowers
Shelburne, MA
 August 12, 2017
2nd in age – $50
1st master team
46;33 / 7:30 pace
GBTC – Wellsley Pie Race Xtry
September 9th, 2017
Wellsley, MA
1st in age – 1st master team – 1st senior team
   1    1  980 DANA PARROT         WMDP             AMHERST MA F 47 21:51  7:02 
    2    2  977 NANCY COOK          WMDP             BELCHER MA F 52 22:08  7:08 
    3    3  978 RUTHIE IRELAND      WMDP             AMHERST MA F 49 22:14  7:10
WMDP Hampshire Xctry race – 6k
October 1st, 2017
Hampshire College, MA
1st in age / 1st Sr Team
New Balance shoes / socks / t-shirt / donuts
1 Cook, Nancy E             53 Western Mass          27:10.12    1
Wayland Cross Country Festival
October 8th, 2017
Wayland, MA
2nd in age
First Master Team (displaced scorer)
$25 gift certificate

143 NANCY COOK 2790 F 53 Belchertown MA WESTERN MASS 23:10 7:28

4. 90 Western Mass Distance Pro ( 22:00 1:49:59 0:40) ======================================== 1 10 SARAH ROMAIN 21:36 2 18 ASHLEY KRAUSE 21:58 3 19 DANA PARROT 21:59 4 21 DAWN ROBERTS 22:10 5 22 JESSICA SPROEHNLE 22:16 6 ( 26) NANCY COOK 23:10 7 ( 30) KRISTIN TETRAULT 23:38

Cross Country Race: The Hills Are Alive
Location: The Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe VT
1st annual cross Country Race (Part of the USTAF Xctry series hosted by GMAA) Results are posted!
WMDP Results:
WMDP Master\’s team won! Well done Lady Wolves! Ashley Krause , Dawn Roberts and Dana J. Parrot place 7,8,9 overall for the women , followed by Liz Lierman in 11th, then me Nancy E. Peck-Cook and Ruthie Ireland 16th and 17th – Kristin Sara 20th and Karen LaVierdiere 24th , and Heidi Besse 30th — Great showing and thank you to all that made the long 6 hour round trip ride to Vermont! Next up NE Regionals next weekend!


 GMAA The Hills are Alive 5k Cross Country
October 28,2017
The Hills are Alive with Lady Wolves!
Photo Credit: Ross KrauseMasters – 1st place:
Ashley, Dawn, Dana, Nancy and Ruthie
Open – 2nd place
Ashley, Dawn, Dana, Liz, Nancy, Ruthie and KristenWe only had 2 senior runners so we didn\’t score in that category! Great race everyone! Thank you especially to our cheering section — (Ed, Ross, Soren, Lyla and Anders!)

US Master’s National Championships USTAF – Franklin Park
October 15th
8th in age 31st overall – 4th Senior Team
Second place Masters and 4th place senior team Dana was third place in her age group bringing home the bling!


1 5 MARISA SUTERA STRAN 54 PLEASANT VALLEY NY Athena Track Cl 19:24 2 11 KARYL SARGENT 54 LAFAYETTE NY Syracuse Track 20:51 3 12 MIMI FALLON 52 WALPOLE MA Boston Athletic 21:04 4 20 JENNIFER HEGARTY 52 WAKEFIELD MA Battle Road Tra 21:48 5 21 JULIE PANGBURN 53 DOWNINGTOWN PA Athena Track Cl 21:49 6 24 MICHELLE ALLEN 53 FLEMING ISLAND FL New Balance Tam 22:01 7 25 JULIE CRAIG 50 MATTAPOISETT MA 22:09

8 31 NANCY COOK 53 BELCHERTOWN MA Western Mass Di 22:31

  • Hot Chocolate Run for Safe Passage
  •  December 3, 2017
  • 21:51 5k
  • 32 Age Graded Overall Place

Love the holiday spirit – love this team – love this community. I talked to a girl at the beginning of the race that commented how she loves seeing us all in uniform and you can tell that the positive vibe we share in this running community really makes a difference. I am a proud wolf today. Thanks for being you — all of you. \"\"<3 Happy Holidays!

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