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 What a great day for a run — it was 40 degrees outside when I stepped out the door with Oakley to run his warmup of 3 miles….  It was a bit chilly inside the house, but I warmed up enough to take off my fleece vest and continue my run after a short break to fuel up at home.  I headed out remembering my long runs in prep for MCM and took the route to Ludlow, my normal commute to BDL and then looped back home.  It was a bit hilly and my legs felt worn out for some reason, so the pace time is not as great as I hoped.  Thinking my sneakers are not great for my stride and structure of running causing my right knee pain.  Time to CHANGE!  I had hoped to get in 20, but I left at almost 11 with no breakfast (which may also be the reason for slowness), so at the 15 mile mark I decided to head home instead of over Harris Mountain Road.  Great to get it in — not sure if another 20 is in store, but thinking that it is time to put in some speedwork, maybe a semi long and then taper.  I will look at the Hal Higdon emails I get from the Determination program – – and hope that they may fit my schedule now that the ski season is complete for me coaching on the weekend.

Plan for the rest of the week – run long in the morning for a back to back blast.  One more long run next week – depending on logistics flying to St. Louis

Fuel:  Met-RX Powerbar (Steve’s favorite bar), 1 GU and Shaklee Performance
Recovery:  Pineapple juice, OJ, Frozen Strawberries & Mango, Performance & Physique with ice in the vita mix. Banana & PB!
Powersong:  “Naturally” by Selena Gomez

  34 days to go to BOSTON!
1 more long run (next week!) then taper!
$910 raised — only $90 to meet my goal for ACS Determination!
Please support my efforts.  I am now #7 in the rankings!  🙁

“Keep on running…”

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