18 Before 2018 – The Challenge!

Today I went down the social media bunny hole of Facebook to YouTube – gravitating to the KonMari method review videos and somehow stumbled on this challenge for the end of the year.  It originated on Lisa Jacobs blog Marketing Creativity (which honestly was an incredible find in itself)

So here we go…. Today I’m listing 18 goals I want to complete before 2018, and I’m challenging YOU to play along. You have until the end of 2017 to complete all 18 goals on your list.

  1. Create a fitness plan for the winter – strength training, spinning and home gym weights, core training
  2. Work with Schuyler to log at least 50% of the required 40 hours of driving time for his JOL.
  3. Complete a 7 day Clean Burn Shape Cleanse to kick in my nutrition and health
  4. DeClutter and clean the entry way back room
  5. Make a 10 box donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters (Hartsprings)
  6. Donate Couch located downstairs
  7. Move wood inside the back porch with Steve
  8. Blogpost – Race Report for 2017
  9. Schedule Date Nights with Steve on the ICal- once a month (start small instead of Willie\’s weekly date idea)
  10. Meal planning – set up meals for each week and plan shopping to support a varied diet. Try a new recipe once a week.
  11. Organize and add to my Dream Big notebook for work
  12. Set race goals and race plans for 2018
  13. Raise at least $150 for Hot Chocolate Run for Safe Passage
  14. DeClutter and clean the basement
  15. Make my Wonder Woman Granola! 
  16. Purchase a functional GPS multipart watch (Garmin / Suunto / Apple Watch)
  17. Get Schuyler started with tennis lessons, racket and tennis sneakers 🙂
  18. Join the Maintain don\’t Gain Challenge on Redbrick – Team Poop in a Group!

My artwork wasn\’t as great as Lisa\’s but still pretty great to depict it in a handwritten way to make it real.  Thanks for stopping by!  Please leave a comment or like this post and tell me if you are going to do this challenge too!  I found it quick, easy and motivating.  Hoping I can get it all done in the month plus a week left before 2018!





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