17 days to Boston!

Running this morning to my new download from Itunes – – “Increase Your Speed” from Alberto Salazar. They have a coaching section on Itunes to support the nike plus and I have really enjoyed running with the motivation of the mileage countdown and measuring my distance – as well as analyzing my runs after when I download them. It really has kept me going since I don’t have a human running partner. Oakley is really been a great motivator as always, clawing me out of bed sometimes… and getting me on the road… “Burning daylight” I call it – hanging in bed looking at the rain outside…. but got out and tried out this new workout. It was really great – (my average ended up 8 min/mile even with the stop to catch the Pug dog for the neighbors on the loop. “Pug” was rounding the property of his owners with no interest of going home, playing with Oakley in the rain was a much better option than sitting inside with his “mom” – – but we (as his mom came out to assist in the capture) were able to round him up on the porch. Silly dog – – Oakley is about 8 times his size! So anyway – I like the mix and the motivation although it is just encouraging increase turnover in stride and 80%, to 90% to 100% as we do 2 min speed intervals with the middle 20 minutes of the workout. They give you the songs extra and then the cool down if it is lengthened you listen to the repeat of the set of songs (which I would have either chosen more or a different mix of them). But I like it – and it works. Not sure with only 17 days left training it will make any difference for me, but it is a good one as I prepare for my racing summer.

So – a long one tomorrow and then the taper begins! We are staying in Cambridge as a treat and plan on going to the Roxy for dancing after the race! Just like last year! What fun! Here is the link to my favorite post with all the comments from friends and my race photos in 2007 as 7th master in 3:05:59. Maybe my goal should be a 3:05:58?????

Goals: Hmmm right now I really am not sure after not having a daily training plan (days off for coaching at the mountain) and well I got in one 20 and really like to get in 2. That and I am carrying a little extra weight (although I was a bit thin last year…) – I think I should be able to make a 3:15 and set a goal to possibly beat last year’s time (considering it WAS in a Nor’easter!). Who knows! I am looking forward to the experience and have no pressure of sponsors, so I am going to have FUN with it!

Cheers to all you runners – let’s kick it in! More on our new audio run mix later! Stay tuned!

“An athlete who tells you the training is always easy and always fun simply hasn’t been there. Goals can be elusive which makes the difficult journey all the more rewarding.” -Alberto Salazar

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